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reference   1:   The Angel Hotel

                          Posting  House & Livery,

                          Guildford, Surrey, UK

reference   2:   Holiday Inn Hotel, Asford, Kent UK

reference   3:   Rowton Hall Hotel  & Spa

                          Chester, Cheshire, UK

reference   4:  "Durbins" Guildford, Surrey, UK

reference   5:  "White Gates" Bath, Summerset, UK

reference   6:   Vicarage Gate,Kensington, London, UK

reference   7:   Roupell Street, London, UK

reference   8:  "Fair Acre" East Horsely, Surrey, UK

reference   9:  "Dominos"  East Horsely, Surrey, UK

reference 10:  Teddington, London, UK

reference 11:  Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK

reference 12:  Sepel, Schleswig Holstein, D

reference 13:  Handeloh, Niedersachsen, D

reference 14:  Höckel, Niedersachsen, D

reference 15:  Kakensdorf, Niedersachsen, D

reference 16:  Tostedt, Niedersachsen D

reference 17:  Königmoor, Niedersachsen, D

reference 18:  Dohren, Niedersachsen, D

reference 19:  Hamburg, Diverse, D

reference 20:  Ehrenkirchen (Freiburg) D

reference 21:  Peron, (near Geneve), France

reference 22:  Fanjeaux, South of France

reference 23:  Boca Raton, Florida, USA

reference 24:  Hylte, South Sweden

reference 25:  Hamburg - Niendorf, D

reference 26:  Rossell Square, London GB

reference 27:  Jeopark Studio, Handeloh, D

reference 28:  Waldorfkindergarten, Kakenstorf, D

reference 29:  Dohren, Niedersachsen, D

reference 30:  Geneve, Switzerland, CH

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Wilfried Schumacher Global Services
Morlaasstraße Ost 14
D - 21255 Tostedt




D     0049(0)1754031530

UK  0044(0)7946978460



D      0049 4182 291530


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